Hunter Has Beginner's Luck


Eleven-year-old Andrew Currie's mid-October big game outing produced results that would swell the chests of the most seasoned of hunters.

In the course of less than 10 days, the Payson Elementary School fifth-grader downed a nice-sized mule deer in the Kaibab forest near the Grand Canyon. Days later and hundreds of miles away near Quamado, N.M., he bagged a 5x5 bull elk.

Rendering the feats even more astonishing was the fact the youngster -- in both hunts --was armed with a single-shot, front-loading muzzle rifle.

In taking the deer during an Arizona Game and Fish sanctioned youth hunt, Currie hunting with his father Richard --was successful with one shot from about 110 yards away.

The outing, Richard said, was intended to be a tune-up and practice round for a later adventure in New Mexico.

Hunting about 60 miles east of Springerville near the New Mexico-Arizona border, the father and son team had little luck locating herds the first three days of the season.

But while returning to their truck after a frustrating day in which Andrew hadn't had a shot, the pair spotted the bull about 40 yards away.

Before Andrew could right the rifle bipod and sight-in, the bull had moved away to a more difficult 70-yard attempt.

But one well-placed shot from the muzzle loader was all it took for Andrew to wrap up a first-ever hunting adventure that most youngsters his age can only dream about.

Now home in Payson, Andrew has returned to classes at PES where's he's able to relive his once-in-a-lifetime hunt experiences with classmates, friends and teachers.

Dad, admittedly a little spent from the two-state adventure, says there's no hunts planned for the future --he's ready set to settle down to a nice quiet fishing trip only a few miles away at Roosevelt Lake.

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