Promise Keepers Getting A Bad Rap


Some ministers who don't know beans about Promise Keepers are indoctrinating their flocks against Promise Keepers.

The Promise Keepers (movement) is one of the great events happening throughout our country, and we think it is going to change the structure of our society for the good. When, at our conventions, you see thousands of men come forward and surrender their lives to the cause of Christ, it is a sight to behold.

When you see thousands of men chanting in one accord "I love Jesus, yes, I do: I love Jesus, so should you," it sends a chill up your spine.

One thing that some of the ministers, and some people as well, need to correct is the idea that we are instructed to be a dominating factor in our family. That is simply not true. We are asked to put our arms around them and pray daily with them for God's guidance of our families.

Some that are ready to condemn forget that we are a part of the Body of Christ, and it is the ones outside the realm of reason that tend to pick apart anything that might change a person's life from a "heart of stone to a heart of flesh."

"The good hate the wicked and the wicked hate the good" (Prov. 29). Also, the ones who are putting down the Promise Keepers are so busy preaching the "Don'ts" that they fail to preach the "Do's." And they do not understand our mission in life is to support our pastor and our church and to send the Gospel to the uttermost world.

May the presence of Christ be your joy and His word your guide and His peace your strength.

This is written with Love.

George T. "Spud" Henry, Payson

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