There Are Good Reasons To Keep The Flight Pattern As Is


Good reasons for keeping the flight pattern as it is, the safety of homes, pilots and aircraft. Hilda Crawford got on the airport board to move the flight pattern from over her house. She should have done the research to not buy a house in the flight pattern. I was the airport manager from 1977-1992 and the reports of near misses have been non-existent. The aircraft have been flying the standard pattern since the 1940s. I guarantee if you change the pattern there will be a lot of near misses that will jeopardize safety of homes and aircraft. I have 10,500 hours flying time, a lot of that time has been in and out of uncontrolled airports like Payson. One thing that can enhance safety is a unicom radio that will give advisory, winds, traffic, and runway in use. When I was the Payson airport manager, we talked to pilots all the time. There is where safety is "communication" between pilots and unicom. I had over 30,000 operations when I was airport manager and we had a safe airport. That traffic is down at this time. You cannot fault success. Do not mess with your safety, mine and visiting pilots.

Richard Henry, CFII A & PIA, Payson

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