No One Has More To Lose Than The Pilots


I am not one to respond to (letters) written in the paper, but after reading the (letters) in the Nov. 12 paper, I feel I must.

People who have no flying experience should gather all the facts or not comment at all.

The landing phase of flying is the most important part and the busiest time for the pilot. Most airplanes have side-by-side seating, and many planes are the low-wing type.

When you land using a right-hand pattern you have limited visibility because you are in the left seat.

Flying is a lot of judgment, as to how high, how far, etc.

We are taught to fly using the left-hand traffic pattern, just as it has been from the beginning of flight (the Wright brothers' first turn was to the left, not the right because you can see where you are going).

So, ladies, get your facts together. Safety is always first in the eyes of the pilot. Who has more to lose?

Paul Foster, Payson pilot

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