Payson Is Full Of Reasons To Be Thankful


In Payson, I have found, you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for reasons to give thanks on the last Thursday of every November.

I've been on the Roundup staff for almost three weeks now. On day two, I met the family of little Ashley Allen, the heartbreakingly cute 4-year-old Payson girl who began a battle with brain cancer only a few months after moving here from Canada.

In the midst of this unthinkable horror, Ashley's mother, Tracy, told me that her family is "very, very lucky" because of all the new friends and neighbors who've offered help, prayers and anything else the Allens might need.

One such soul, who has thus far gone unheralded, is Dr. Dexter Hewitt, the Allen's pediatrician. The night Ashley was rushed to the Valley for emergency medical care, Dr. Hewitt accompanied Ashley's father, Frank, back home to pick up the Allen's three young sons and the family pet. Dr. Hewitt then rode to the Valley with them to make sure that Ashley was being given proper care and attention.

All that in a day and age when most doctors will bill you for merely looking in the direction of your home.

So, thank you, Lord, on this Thanksgiving, for beautiful little girls, incredibly resilient parents, love, hope, courage and human beings like Dr. Dexter Hewitt.

Mike Burkett, Roundup Staff Reporter

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