Pilots Shouldn't Be Allowed To Dictate Airport Operations


Kudos to Hilda Crawford for having the audacity to be a non-pilot citizen/resident member of that good ol' boy club, the Payson Airport Board.

How dare she suggest any recommendations that may go against the wishes of the private aircraft pilots and airport business owners that dominate the board.

The term "uncontrolled" airport truly applies here in Payson, but it should be titled "out-of-control" airport.

Isn't the airport owned by the town, not the private aircraft hobbyist and related business owners? This affluent group does not want any commoner telling them where and how to fly, no matter the disruption and safety concerns to the public.

As for the airport manager, who is paid a substantial salary by the town, just what does he manage? Doesn't he own the aircraft fuel concession? Isn't that a big conflict of interest?

Two years ago, I approached the board with a request to change the departure pattern to the north.

My request was ignored. Supposedly, there is a 600-foot altitude requirement for approach and departure. Most of the time they are so low that we can read the ID numbers.

The Town Council better start listening to some of us commoners and pass an aircraft noise abatement ordinance.

Moving the flight pattern to the north over unpopulated land would solve most of the safety and noise issues for our town. Don't let the arrogant airport argonauts dictate airport operations.

Don Evans, Payson

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