Town Gateway To Get Makeover


Now that a plan to improve the southern entrance to Payson has been approved, town leaders plan to ask the state and federal governments for grants to remodel south Beeline Highway.

At the state level, the town has applied for a highway enhancement grant. The state grant review committee will award the grants Dec. 10.

The Payson Town Council, which approved the South Beeline Mobility Study last week, plans to apply for $1 million in grants to develop focal points that highlight artwork and landscaping along Payson's southern gateway.

The highway enhancement area extends from the Mazatzal Casino entrance to Frontier Street, and the improvement plan includes the following recommendations:

• Median treatments -- decorative medians will help control left-turning vehicles and will direct traffic flow in predetermined routes.

• Driveway consolidations -- creative engineering will be used at every opportunity to provide alternatives to installing more driveways along the highway.

• Roadway enhancements -- at this point in the project, the council will seek further public input to devise themes and materials for roadside landscaping.

At main intersections, such as Main Street and the casino entrance, large monument-type structures will be used to attract tourists' attention.

Along the highway, from the beginning to the end of the project, low-level pedestrian lights, street furniture, information kiosks and other decorative fixtures will be considered.

• Pedestrian/bicycles -- New alternative routes will be identified to direct pedestrian and bicycle traffic throughout the south Beeline development area. Along with the new routes, a pedestrian overpass may be considered from the new rodeo grounds site to the casino parking lot.

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