Accident Bystanders Performed Admirably


Unfortunately, while taking my daughter back to Phoenix yesterday, we came upon a serious one-person motorcycle accident.

A family member was administering mouth to mouth. I re-evaluated the situation and (the need for) CPR was evident. I started CPR and another bystander helped with the airway.

EMS was notified and the Department of Public Safety and possibly the Payson Police Department began arriving on scene. A medical helicopter was scrambled. CPR continued until (help) arrived.

I worked on an ambulance for five years and in an emergency room in Glendale for seven years. Sometimes things can get out of hand.

I would like to commend the bystanders who helped. The male paramedic and female EMT from Canyon State Ambulance (and employees from) Payson Fire Department, Department of Public Safety, possibly Payson Police Department, and the crew of the helicopter from Payson Regional Medical Center.

They were very efficient and professional in their jobs, both with the accident personnel and the family members/friends.

To the family and friends, my thoughts are with you, especially you, Larry. You never left his side. I know he's very proud of you for what you did.

Brent Gilchrist, Payson

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