Buchanan Unfairly Maligned For 'Lofty Goals For America'


by Frank J. Silcock
payson - reform party of arizona
For almost a solid month now Pat Buchanan, the only presidential candidate ever to visit Payson, has taken verbal abuse and been berated, lied about and had his position for America distorted by the major media, Internationalists and war-makers.

There is a concerted campaign to malign Mr. Buchanan because he puts America before the Internationalists who would foist a one-world government on the United States of America and put our Constitution and Bill of Rights on the back burner.

Their goal is to discredit Pat through ridicule, satire and total distortion of his lofty goals for America. The national syndicates are gearing up to slander him, just as they did to Goldwater in 1964.

The controversy over Pat's book, "A Republic not an Empire" is remarkable for the anger, bitterness and sheer ugliness of the tone in which the critics of the book have engaged.

I have read the book and all Pat is calling for is a policy of enlightened nationalism that would pay careful attention to the security interests of the United States instead of involving the United States of America in every petty ethnic dispute all over the world, dragging us into wars where there are no vital security threats to our country.

In Washington's farewell address to America, he warned of foreign entangling that would drag us into Europe's continual ethnic wars. Today we have a spider web maze of interlocking alliances and special agreements that guarantee we will be a participant in (the wars of) Europe and other continents to our detriment.

Kosovo posed no threat to the United States, and yet we were drawn in there by NATO's illegal actions in an offensive attack against a sovereign nation.

The Roundup, in its cartoon distortion of Buchanan's platform, that he wants to halt immigration, is false. Pat has mentioned that we have had an unprecedented immigration explosion of about 30 million legal and illegal immigrants in the last 10 years and that we should reduce this to 250,000 for a few years to allow the immigrants to assimilate. Quite a difference.

As for the English only idea -- Pat has stressed that upward mobility in our society is enhanced by being able to converse in English -- the language of our country. Not to do so is to insure that the immigrants will be stuck in lower echelon jobs and social status. A unified nation and a strong nation needs a single language to progress.

China, for example was held up in becoming a world power by its hundreds of languages and dialects used in commerce. (They) couldn't understand one another from 200 miles distant, which created a barrier that held up progress for centuries. Do we want to revert to that in America?

I think Pat Buchanan deserves a fair hearing instead of biased smearing. His program to keep jobs in America and better the job climate for American workers instead of sending their jobs abroad deserves our support. He rejects the erosion of our national sovereignty by NAFTA and the UN, as well as the abandonment of our national interests to the internationalist foreign policy favored by both the Republican and Democrat parties.

If Pat Buchanan is nominated by the Reform Party, you can be sure we will have some very interesting debates instead of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.

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