Council's Priorities Are Out Of Whack


Regarding the Wolfe/Von Strauss commentary (in the Nov. 9 issue of the Roundup).

A subsidy by any other name is still a subsidy. If the (Green Valley) Redevelopment district feels the need to assist an investor, the district should provide that assistance -- not the entire town.

As you want your streets repaired, form a district and do it yourselves.

The entire concept of a special district such as this is, is based on the property owners within the district forming a "co-op," planning the improvements, then providing financing from its members.

Districts often form a bonding district in order to pay for the improvements. The town will sometimes offer tax incentives within the district. I believe the Green Valley group should take exactly this step.

There is absolutely no validity to the premise that just because an investor has spent $700,000, a small sum for this type of development, the town should ante up $200,000. Development is expensive, but the rewards are great.

This project seems to be moving in much the same way as the rodeo grounds "free" move. Kaibab needs some help and its only $200,000. And, of course, we need a part-time director to do something for only $2,000 a month. And, of course, the town will provide the improvements for parking and build the street between Main and Aero. Why did Wal-Mart have to build its own street and install traffic signals if Kaibab gets its for free?

When the purchase of the property was discussed at council, one councilman remarked that when a good idea comes along (such as) a movie theater, the town shouldn't have to wait a whole year if it isn't in the current budget. Of course not. Nor should we have to wait a whole year to purchase the golf course, expand the airport to accommodate small jets, and build a multi-event center. It is all right to wait for street repairs, sidewalks, public safety needs or a new library.

Something is wrong with the priority list our council is using.

Ruby Finney, Payson

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