Golf Course Buy Lands In Rough


The Town of Payson's shot at buying Payson Golf Course didn't play out.

Several months ago, town officials announced plans to buy Payson Golf Course from owner Harry Parsons and family.

Town officials wanted to establish a municipal golf course to make sure green fees at Payson's only public golf course remained affordable, Payson Town Manager Rich Underkofler said.

But tax penalties and hazards knocked the plan out of play.

"Essential-ly, the golf course is owned by a family corporation," Underkofler said. "(The Parsons) want to sell it as a stock sale. In other words, they want us to buy their corporation."

A municipality, however, cannot legally buy a corporation, he said, and the Parson's don't want to go through the complicated process of changing the corporation's status to make the sale, he said.

The only way the deal can be salvaged now, Parsons said, is if a private investor buys the course and makes different arrangements with the town.

As for green fees, Parsons said he hasn't raised them in three or four years, and hasn't determined yet if an increase is forthcoming.

Green fees right now are $12 for 9 holes, $24 for 18. With cart, fees are $19 for 9 holes and $35 for 18.

"In the meantime, I plan to just work the golf course," Parsons said. "Maybe the timing just wasn't right."

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