Stingy Rest Room Policy Chases Away Customer


Hailing from Los Angeles, I have been largely impressed with the people who live in this lovely Rim country. Most especially, the warm, professional entrepreneurs with whom I have had the pleasure of doing business.

Today, I had a somewhat different experience. Just a little reminder for all of us self-employed risk takers: It only takes seconds to lose that customer you marketed so hard for.

(The owner of one store was overheard to say, "Well, we've never had public restrooms."

Perhaps it is just my personal pet peeve, but when someone, child or adult, truly needs to use the restroom, to deny them the ability to relieve themselves is just plain not nice.

Ironic that I couldn't help but hear her discussing her Bible study class plans with another customer. I'm hardly perfect, but I've re-learned two things today: A person is Christian by their acts, and it's good that there are other places to shop in Payson.

Carol Jennings, Payson

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