Airport Opponents Should Stick To The Facts


"Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up."

The above could be a subtitle for a Nov. 23 letter dealing with airport issues.

Government 101 -- facts only.

1. Boards, commissions and committees are comprised of volunteers who are appointed by the town council.

2. Citizen, resident input, reports, information, and recommendations furnished by the town's professional staff are required to reach a decision.

3. Decisions are voted on and forwarded to the town council for consideration.

4. When a member attempts to include his/her personal agenda into the proceedings, he may be voted down, since facts, not fiction, are germane.

5. The airport management plan, approved by the town council, requires that a majority of four board members have no financial interest in airport operations.

Sarcasm, personal attacks and name calling do not help citizen volunteers deal with airport issues.

That's my personal view.

Don Wolfe, Payson

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