Example Set By Political Leaders Isn't Worth Following


The following points are excerpted from the book "The Death of Outrage" and identify the lesson we're being taught by the current U.S. government. It's not a pretty picture.

• Character in our president doesn't matter. It's the economy, stupid.

• Some powerful people are above the law. They don't need to play by the rules.

• Adultery is no big deal. It's commonplace. Europeans don't care about it; neither should we.

• It's okay to lie under oath.

  • It's okay to close your eyes to wrong doing when it's your own powerful friends and political allies who have done wrong.

• A lot of people engage in misconduct, so it doesn't matter if you do, too. Everybody does it. This is especially true in politics.

• A person hasn't really done anything wrong unless he's been convicted in a court of law.

• If you do something wrong and people question you about it, do not voluntarily step forward, admit wrongdoing and take responsibility.

• The ends justify the means.

Donna B. Bayo, Pine

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