Tax Program A Great Way To Help Schools


Between now and Dec. 31, Rim country residents have an opportunity to give up to $200 each to our local schools without it costing them a dime.

In 1997, the Arizona Legislature passed a bill that gives residents a chance to claim a tax credit for money given to schools for extra-curricular activities.

The program is called Credit for Kids and here is how it works:

1. You send a check for up to $200 to the school district of your choice. You'll find a short form to use on page 8A of today's Roundup. You also can drop off your check at the local Arizona Public Service drop box.

2. You get your money back, dollar for dollar, when you file your state income tax return by submitting form 322.

This is a tax credit, so it will cost you nothing. You can even choose which school or program you want your money to go to. All of the schools in the Rim country have worthy goals for this money. The funds will be used for after-school programs in math, reading and physical fitness, extra-curricular career exploration activities and vocational programs, academic enrichment and intramural programs and fine arts activities for the high school and middle school. The money also can be used to pay for facility improvements that support extra-curricular activities, such as new bleachers across the south side of the high school football field.

We can't think of an easier way to help our local children have a better educational experience.

Anyone who files an Arizona state tax return can participate, even if they don't have children in the school district or live in the school district they want to help.

There's no better feeling than the one you get when you help a child learn and grow. Send your support today.

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