Restaurant Owner Arrested For Threatening Neighbors


Beth Carollo of Strawberry, who reported a fire in her garage Sept. 28 that was ruled arson, was arrested Friday on charges of violating a restraining order and allegedly threatening to kill her neighbors. A suspect has not yet been identified in the arson case.

Destiny Perez, Carollo's 17-year-old neighbor, called 9-1-1 Friday and reported that Carollo, a Payson restaurant owner, was threatening to kill her and her family, said arresting deputy Bob Bonney of the Gila County Sheriff's Department.

"I heard her start cursing about us," Perez said Monday. "She saw me and she said she wanted to shoot me, burn the house down, then shoot my family."

The deputy said that when he arrived on the scene, Carollo was threatening to set fire to a pile of trash on the Perez's property.

He arrested her on charges of violating an injunction, which had been filed Sept. 28 by Perez's parents, Anna and Sam Perez, and threatening and intimidating.

Carollo was transferred from the Gila County Jail Monday to the Mountainside mental-care facility in Apache Junction.

Anna Perez said her family enjoyed good relations with Carollo, the owner of Bandana Annie's Restaurant in Payson and Destiny's boss, until last week when Carollo closed the restaurant.

"She was a good lady," Mrs. Perez said."She was always happy. If I was feeling down, she was there to perk me back up."

Last week, however, their relationship turned sour, Mrs. Perez said, and she and her husband filed a restraining order against Carollo to keep her off their property and prevent her from harassing them.

On Friday morning, the couple met with officer Bonney to report that Carollo had been on their property screaming profanities and making threats between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. that day.

Based on their statements, Bonney said he had probable cause to make an arrest. He said he was on the look out for Carollo when he received the 9-1-1 call that led to her arrest later that afternoon.

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