County Health Workers Tear Down Walls


Local contractors passed up a chance to bid on a $25,000 remodeling project for the county, said Gila County Administrator Steve Besich.

"Nobody wanted it," he said.

The project will link the county's two health department buildings at 107 W. Frontier, said Dick Moseke, Gila County's environmental health director.

"We need space for additional offices," he said.

The project will create a hallway between the environmental health services building and the main health department, and it will create a new space for the Women, Infant and Children supplemental food program, office manager Deon McKeen said.

A new office will be built for county nutritionist Kristie Studdard and the renovation will provide more room for group nutrition education classes.

The WIC program provides supplemental food, nutrition information and referrals to other agencies Studdard said.

Right now, the county doesn't have enough space to provide classes for the 480 women and children in the county who are in the WIC program, she said.

But since local contractors passed on the project, Moseke and half a dozen members of his staff have had to tackle the project themselves. They began tearing up concrete last week.

Moseke said the project will be done by the first of the year and will cost less than the $25,000 budgeted for the project.

The Federal Health Department has committed $20,000 to the project and the county has committed $5,000 to the project, Besich said.

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