Courage Can End Domestic Violence


I would like to congratulate Jean Oliver for having the courage to speak out against domestic violence in her own family.

I'm sure that my own mother has lost many nights' sleep worrying about myself and her four grandchildren, praying and hoping we would somehow make it out alive, yet afraid to speak up because she knew that one or all of us would be punished for her actions.

I would like to encourage Jean Oliver to keep trying and never give up.

My mother never gave up hope, and I thank God every day for my mother -- a strong, courageous woman who was always there to pick me back up.

Thirty days ago, I left that house of horrors. The daily fear is starting to leave me, but his reign of terror has left a strong legacy for myself and my children.

I know every day is going to be a struggle. Today he came and took my vehicle in an attempt to break me down. It's not going to work this time. I have seen the toll that environment has taken on my children.

With faith in God, the support of my family and so many special friends. I will make it through this.

Lisa Box, Payson

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