Good Examples Can Be Found Right Next Door


When I was 7 years old, I sat in a vacant lot across from my house and promised a neighbor girl my bicycle in exchange for a kiss. The girl, Stephanie Miller, was a classmate of mine whose smile once caused me to walk into a wall. (Four stitches.)

After she kissed me, I was so excited that I stood up, said goodbye and ran home dragging my bike behind me.

I will always remember that day -- not because it was the first time I'd been kissed, but because it was the first time I didn't keep a promise to a girl I cared for.

There are too many men in America who are failing to keep their promises. Not only promises to their wives, but also promises that are forged by the role of fatherhood.

Poor examples of integrity bombard our children and grandchildren from Hollywood to the White House.

But in the midst of the damaged hearts and broken homes, there is hope. There are many good men out there who quietly live their lives and keep their promises. Men who know the importance of keeping their word. Men who do not take lightly their duties as fathers, grandfathers and husbands. Men who know the peace that comes from fulfilling their responsibilities in life and enduring to the end.

We have seen how many Americans embrace the throw-away attitude of our progressive society. I hope our children can learn from the examples of men who do not throw away their responsibilities or their relationships. I am grateful for the many fine examples of responsibility that I see in the Rim country. You may not always get media attention or recognition from the world, but please know that your influence is felt and makes a difference -- at least to this father.

Richard Haddad, publisher

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