Play Critic Stands By Review


In response to the Oct. 8 letters from: The cast of "A Tuna Christmas," Lynn Skalaby and Lynelle Keyworth: thank you for responding to my critique of the play.

Yes, I made it clear I was "judging" only the first three scenes. No, I did not leave during scene 2. I did find yelling in the first three scenes unnecessarily loud.

Did you review a video tape of Thursday, Sept. 30? Probably the profanity was ad-libbed. If the script did not have the profanity, why was it added?

As to "what this day and age" presents, is that an excuse for going along with the crowd? I understand children are now watching pornography on the Internet. Does that make it okay to be presented to them?

Yes, I do have high morals, and I'm not ashamed of it.

I am sorry I did not see the people who were "doubled up and rolling on the floor in laughter." I would have enjoyed that.

And who says I am "unqualified to judge" a play? I studied dramatics in elementary school, in high school, and also in college.

When a theatrical group was starting in Payson many years ago I excitedly went to the first meeting, hoping to participate. But the room was so thick with tobacco smoke I did not return. So I would like to compliment Margeret Eriksen on her letter about non-smokers having the right to breathe clean air. And I have been in enough productions to appreciate how much work goes into it.

Martha Searle, Payson

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