Humane Society Animals Need Homes In A Hurry


I recently had occasion to visit the Humane Society shelter.

I was shocked to see the large number of impounded dogs at the shelter. I guess I thought that in a small town like Payson, there would not be so many. I guess we all like to close our eyes to the fate of unwanted, unadopted pets.

There were plenty of beautiful, loving, affectionate dogs at the shelter, especially a lot of larger dogs.

As a community, can't we provide homes for these pets? I would like to encourage anyone who can find it in his or her heart to provide for a dog (or an additional dog) to do so now. Please go to the shelter and let yourself fall in love with one of these dogs. If you have a suitable situation for a large dog, please choose one of those.

Having a dog is a big commitment and a big responsibility, but a dog will love you unconditionally and be happy, even ecstatic, to see you come home even if you've only been gone for 10 minutes.

And it is a great time of year to walk in the woods with your dog.

Bless each person who makes a home for one of these pets. And shame on anyone who has a free-breeding, un-neutered animal, even if you place your puppies and find homes for them, you are still taking a home that could be filled by a shelter pet.

Nobody can save all these animals, but perhaps you can save one and enrich its life and your own.

There are lots and lots of cats at the shelter, too. The people there are very nice and the facility is nice and clean and pleasant to visit.

Lynn Shalaby, Payson

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