Tolerance Of Evil Will Cause Moral Collapse


When people in our nation are visiting the casinos and are gambling away their earnings and life savings under the fancy name of "gaming," it's a shame. Some of these people barely make it from payday to payday. Something is wrong with this activity. Uncontrolled lust for riches is wrong.

When abortion is running rampant and millions of babies are being murdered every year, it's a tragedy. When the Pentagon stifles the voice of military chaplains for speaking their convictions about abortion, may God help us.

We have a court of judges in black robes who forget what the constitution actually says and take away state rights and the rights of individuals by the stroke of a pen. That is a sad day for America.

Fires, floods, drought, excessive heat waves, immoral life-styles among men and women, and immoral politicians in Washington, suicides, depression among our young people, and Al Gore taking a chance to occupy the Oval Office.

We are rapidly moving into a state of social, intellectual, economic, and moral decline. We are in a life-and-death struggle for the hearts and minds of the next generation, if there is to be one. Spiritual matters are not in our vocabulary because of the humiliation given us by the elite and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Practical atheism is not raising a fist and shouting, "There is no God," but living as if there is none.

Sports has become the dominating factor in people's lives, which is becoming more obscene because of the outrageous salaries paid to some who have never finished high school. The same thing is happening in America that added to the fall of the Roman Empire. Will we survive the year 2000?

We could become a terminal generation, not surviving the new millennium simply because of the rejection of the grace and the discipline of God in our lives.

A writer once stated, "Tolerance is the virtue of people who do not believe in anything." When we become so accommodating of evil that we neither recognize or oppose it, our moral collapse is imminent.

George "Spud" Henry, Payson

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