Probation Chief Resigns Amid Allegations Of Misconduct


Gila County Superior Court Judge Robert Duber confirmed this week the resignation of Robert "Rocky" Castaneda, director of the county's probation department.

"He is not employed with us any longer," Duber said. "There were some apparent violations in policies and procedures. Whether there was any misconduct is up to the investigative authorities."

Duber said he turned his files over to County Manager Steve Besich, who passed the information along to County Attorney Jerry DeRose.

"I can tell you there's an investigation into misconduct while he was employed with the probation department," DeRose said, "but I can't say anything else."

Duber said the Arizona Supreme Court also is working with the county on the investigation.

John McDonald, public information officer for the Arizona Supreme Court, said it is standard practice for the supreme court to step in whenever there is an appearance of impropriety with a lower court.

"In these types of situations, it's very common for our office to become involved at some point in going through the records," McDonald said.

"We've had to reconstruct files and financial records," Duber said. "Whenever there is a violation in policy, it's prudent for them to make reasonable inquiries as to whether any funds that were being administered may have been involved."

McDonald said his office has been concerned in the past over the late filing of financial reports, "but I don't have any information if that's what triggered this particular chain of events," he said.

While the investigation continues, Duber said the county has already begun the search for a new director of probation.

Castaneda, head of county probation for the past 12 years, resigned Oct. 6. As of press time, he was unavailable for comment.

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