Streaking Prank Pails To Vandalism Damage


Why is a high school kid streaking across a virtually empty, darkened football field front-page news, while very little, if anything, has been said about the vandalism of the Holbrook football team bus on the same night?

Yes, the streaker was wrong, and, yes, he was punished, rather severely, I think. But did the police hunt for the vandals? Were they caught and punished? No one knows. Many don't even know about the vandalism. Nothing has been said.

I am not alone in thinking that streaking, though wrong, is a virtually harmless prank, while vandalism of public property is usually considered criminal. The vandalism of the Holbrook bus not only caused damage to public property but hard feelings, resentment and the definite possibility of retaliation.

I just have to wonder how we're supposed to teach our children true values and morals when a big deal is made of a fairly minor incident, while nothing is said about what I feel is really wrong.

Shannon Bielke, Payson

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