Us West Has Wrong Number For Payson Prefix


The telephone company is subjecting the citizens of Payson to a very annoying situation. They have duplicated our telephone numbers to add a new exchange, but assigning an exchange number, 472, so close to the original, 474, just begs people to mis-dial.

Nine of 10 calls I receive are wrong numbers. In eight of the nine, the caller hangs up without answering. This gets to be very exasperating.

I am 83 years old, hard of hearing and have a bad knee. To hurry to the phone while my knee hurts, turn on my telephone switch and have a very uncaring caller hang up in my ear doesn't make me smile.

I've written to US West. They say they can't change the situation. They can, but won't because of the inconvenience it would cause them, and the money.

As a retired U.S. Army signal officer, I am familiar with telephone exchange. They don't care about us as long as we pay them, but for what, trouble?

I strongly recommend that when we pay our bills, we write a note complaining about this situation. Also, since this is a town-wide problem, our town government also should complain. Why should we put up with a US West mistake.

Let's make them do something about it. If we all complain -- all my friends do -- they can be forced to take action.

Sherwood A. Clow, Payson

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