Helmet Laws Aren't Answer To Safer Streets, Lower Premiums


This letter is in response to the editorial regarding helmet usage, Tuesday Oct. 19.

There were several misleading statements made in this editorial.

The first commented on Arizona's seat-belt law. I do not recall my insurance premiums being reduced when this law was voted in. Also, I do not believe the institution of this law has done anything to reduce emergency response calls, which you believe to be unnecessary.

Another statement made seems to indicate that you believe that accidents can be prevented by wearing a helmet. A helmet cannot prevent an accident any more than wearing a seat belt can. And in fact, has not been proven to have an effect on saving lives in a serious accident. Some research has, in fact, shown that in some cases, a helmet may cause injuries to the neck and spine that would not have occurred without the helmet.

Let me leave you with this thought. Most motorcycle injuries occur from the knee down, whereas most automobile injuries occur from the chest up -- this includes the head. Who should be wearing the helmet?

If anyone would like to form a more educated opinion on this issue you may contact ABATE of Arizona.

Dennis Kather, Pine

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