Unconventional Flight Pattern A Recipe For Disaster


I am writing as a non-flying friend of aviation of Payson. I am compelled to respond to the Roundup article that featured the views of airport board member Hilda Crawford, who herself is a non-flying member of the board.

My message to the airport board, and ultimately to the town council, is that all of you should focus on aviation convention and safety in matters governing aircraft takeoff and landing approach protocol. Noise issues pale in comparison.

The approaches to Payson Airport are consistent with generally accepted landing procedures in general aviation circles. Within this landing approach discipline, a great deal of attention is already given to noise abatement and the communities below the landing pattern.

The same is true of takeoff procedure, which dutifully avoids densely populated areas and allows for a golf course emergency landing haven in the event of engine failure.

Pilot-in-command responsibilities include understanding published and unpublished local noise-abatement procedures.

The solution lies in on-going pilot education in matters dealing with engine/prop noise as it may affect the community below. Changing accepted flight patterns to the unconventional, especially in the uncontrolled airspace that surrounds Payson Airport, is a recipe for disaster.

In the event of a mid-air collision, God forbid, your conscience, Ms. Crawford, and those of others who may support approaches from the north, would indeed be burdened for a lifetime. Would you not be better advised to collectively devote your time and energy to constructive ideas, which deal with pilot education and noise abatement within the context of current protocol? There is always room for improvement in this arena. The difference between your proposal and pilot education and noise abatement programs is that the former is consistent with pilot and public safety.

Larry Farrington, Payson

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