Hiker Publishes Book Of Poetry


Another Payson author has joined the self-publishing trend to bring his unedited voice to readers.

Author Greg Ginter says his book presents his perspective of his experiences, hikes and travels in Arizona, and his interaction with people.

"Arizona Earth Sky, Voices" is a collection of introspective and observant poetry by Ginter, who says it reads the way he thinks.

The first poem in the book, "Voices," sets the tone for the 33 that follow.

"It is a mix of some storytelling, some history, some dance -- all focused on Arizona," Ginter says. He says he would like to have a couple of his poems, perhaps "Edge of Love" and "Our Eyes," put to music.

"The question of your own voice, those we carry in our own minds, becomes important to the reader," Ginter says of his work. "I hope (readers) have a chance to raise questions with their own voice -- how they feel about interfacing with the geography and locations in Arizona."

Residents of Payson for the past six years, Ginter and his wife, Alyce Leach, are independent investors. This has allowed Ginter time to explore his more creative side.

"I've never really had the time to write until now. The beauty of Payson is that I have had the time to bring this project together," Ginter says of his year-and-a-half-long project.

Ginter reports sales of 30 to 40 books in the first week of publication. Bagels, Brew and More will be hosting a book signing for Ginter on Saturday, Sept. 4 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Located in the Safeway shopping center, the eatery will be offering specials during the book signing.

Ginter's book of poetry is available for $10 at Rim Country Printery, 807 S Beeline, or you can order by e-mail at azearthsky@cybertrails.com or mail $10 plus $2 shipping to Arizona Earth Sky, 303 S. Arroyo Drive, Payson, AZ 85541-4533.

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