Airport Road Improvements Worth The Wait


They said they'd do it and they did.

The work from the Beeline Highway to just west of McLane Road, Phase 1 of the Airport Road project, was supposed to be completed by the end of August or early September -- and it seems to be right on schedule.

Preston Contracting crews widened that section of Airport Road, putting in curbing, sidewalks and new storm drains that will allow the road to handle water. The work began July 10 and cost $450,000. The Arizona Department of Transportation contributed $200,000 to the project.

It may have been an inconvenience for a while, but it looks great and is much safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

We're looking forward to seeing the remainder of the work done on Airport Road and along McLane Road. It may be several years before more work is done, but we're hoping it's sooner. These road improvements show we care for our town and the safety of our residents and visitors.

We support the Town of Payson's efforts to stick with its transportation plan.

ARCO commended for library donation

On page 8A of today's Roundup you'll find information about a $5,000 donation made by the ARCO Foundation to the Payson Library Friends to aid in its quest for a new library building.

ARCO is a global oil and gas enterprise. We think it is noteworthy that the company has no local gas stations or convenience stores in Payson. Their foundation donated the money simply because it saw a need and felt it was a worthy cause.

We thank ARCO and the local businesses that have supported the library.

We hope the generosity from this company, with no local business interests, inspires those companies that share our community to support the library as well.

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