Decency Wins Over Vulgarity And Violence


Last night, a vital message was sent to our youth at an event that most parents and grandparents were not even aware took place.

A performer named Will Smith made a powerful statement during the Annual MTV Music Video Awards presentation.

You may not recognize the name Will Smith, but to your teenage children and grandchildren, the name is very familiar. He is popular among our young people as one of their favorite actors, singers and music video performers.

On Thursday evening, he received one of the most prestigious awards in the music video industry -- best music video by a male performer.

During his acceptance speech, Mr. Smith told the TV audience, made up of millions of young viewers, that none of his songs contain killing, murder, violence or profanity, and he still was able to win the best male video award.

He confidently and deliberately told the rest of the music industry that violence and vulgarity are not necessary to be a winner. More important, he told our youth the same thing.

Our young people must understand that they do not need to bow down to peer pressure and use filthy language or act in violence to be popular and accepted. Like Will Smith, they can be winners without the profanity and the angry tough-guy act.

Some musicians teach our children the opposite of this, such as the perverted video and stage acts of performer Marilyn Manson.

Unfortunately, Mr. Manson also received an award for cinematography at the same MTV event yesterday.

Obviously, not everyone is getting the right message.

--Richard Haddad, publisher

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