Injured Man's Family Struggling


A long-time Payson resident is finding out the hard way that it takes two incomes to live today.

Brian Taylor, a 38-year-old roofing contractor, was injured in May after falling off a ladder. He had owned his roofing business for less than two years and was just getting started.

Taylor has been in the construction business most of his adult life and worked 18 years for different contractors framing houses before he got his own business.

"It's the first time in 20 years that I've been hurt," he said Wednesday. "I didn't have medical coverage. Workman's comp is too expensive."

Taylor has been unable to work since May and is looking at being laid off another two months with fractures in his heel and injuries to his wrist.

"I've gotten a few food stamps and that's about it," he said. Taylor and his wife, Roxane, and two teen-aged daughters are living on the money his wife earns as a receptionist at Payson Regional Medical Center.

"That's not much," said Taylor's mother, Betty. "They hold out insurance and everything else."

Betty Taylor has been helping out where she can and has held yard sales to raise money to help her son and his family. She'll be making their house payment this month and she's continuing to have yard sales.

Those wishing to help can contact Betty Taylor at 474-5310.

Benefit yard sale

A yard sale to raise funds for Brian Taylor and his family takes place Friday and Saturday from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Betty Taylor's residence at 203 E. Airline.

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