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You know you're a flatlander when ...


by Mikey Marazza
Boy, is it beautiful, or what? I can't remember when we had such a beautiful Labor Day weekend. It usually rains and is cold. But the days are gorgeous and the nights are great for sleeping.

You know it's fall because the elk are starting to bugle at night and the days are getting shorter. We have managed to get through the last big holiday of summer and it didn't seem as crazy as usual. I was even able to get out on Highway 260 a couple of times without getting run over.

The garden of my neighbors Sally and Keith is doing great, and the elk might be around, but there is no sign of them eating anything.

Everyone who comes by comments on how beautiful my sunflowers are, and what a great job I did. Well, I'll have you know I did absolutely nothing. I'm not real sure where they came from.

Sally feeds the birds, as does Angie, so the best I can guess is that the birds drop all the seeds and they end up in my front yard. Either way, they look great -- and thanks to the birds. They did a great job of planting flowers for me this year.

Flatlanders party

Everyone is talking about the Flatlanders Party that is coming up. I can't tell you when it is because, you see, it is for all of the locals here in Christopher Creek to wind down after the thousands of flatlanders have came through our community during the summer months.

This will be the 20th anniversary of the Flatlanders Party, and if you got one of the T-shirts this year you will know that it is in memory of those past and present. Power Webb came up with the sayings on the back of the shirt, and they are really cute. They go like this:

You might be a flatlander if:

  • You Follow The Stock Truck To Find A Fishing Spot

• You Put Your Vehicle In 4-Wheel Drive To Go Through A Pothole

• You Come To Christopher Creek To Get Away From The Rat Race And Camp 10 Feet From Someone Else.

• You End Up Camping In A Slow Vehicle Pull Out.

  • Half Of Your Belongings End Up Laying Along Highway 260.

• You Hug The Centerline Getting Ready To Pass When You Are 42nd In A Line Of Cars Behind A R.V.

• You Come To Christopher Creek To Do All The Things You Would Never Do At Home.

• You Litter!!!

  • You Don't Find These Jokes Amusing.

These are great looking shirts this year. Thanks, Power.

Any locals who want to know about the party can call me. All you have to do is bring the beverage of your choice in a small cooler, a chair and a potluck dish of your choice. Come and join the rest of the community for the party of the year.

Stay tuned to find out what happened at the 20th Anniversary Flatlanders Party.

Tatiyee tournament

Dale and Shelly Hansen and the Christopher Creek Lion's Club would like to thank all who participated in the Camp Tatiyee Golf Tournament for handicapped children and adults. It was held at Pine Meadows Golf course in Heber/Overgaard.

First place winners were: John Tussey, Jim Tench, Dave Camp and Chad Hale. In second place were: Wagner, Russ and Larson Voth. Winning women's closest to the pin was Sandy Fish, and men's closest to the pin, Ellis Taylor.

The women's longest drive was clubbed by Susan Ronn, and the men's longest drive by Dave Camp. Best golf attire was garnered by Cheryl Clark.

The events sponsors included Double G Steakhouse, Mario's, Double D Bar & Grill, Tall Pines Market, Creekside Steakhouse, Diamond Point Restaurant, Four Slide Engineer, Landmark Restaurant, Rim Valley Real Estate, Golf God, Randy and Brenda Slapnicka, Rutherford Exterminating, Hashknife Gang, Karstetter Excavation, Payson Concrete, Simmons Crabdree & Associates, Star Valley Auto Mart, Bear Assed Wood, War Inc. and Dale Cline at Budweiser.

Thanks to all who made it a great success.

Happy Birthday to my mother, who is 72 today. I wish you many, many more, Mom.

Have a wonderful day. We love you.

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