Town Trades Paving For Road Rights-Of-Way


Residents along Airport Road between the Beeline Highway and McLane Road are sporting a new look.

Not only did they get their road improved, but some got paid and others got paving.

Town Engineer LaRon Garrett said residents got their choice of getting paid for giving the town the right of way on their property, or getting their driveways paved.

"Basically, we had two different scenarios out there," he said Thursday. "We had to buy the right of way from everybody to work there. Every place we had to disturb on the right of way, we replaced with pavement."

Two property owners chose to get paving instead of cash for selling the town the right of way. "We paid with asphalt," Garrett said. "The rest we just paid cash to for the right of way."

He said the town purchased property or traded asphalt with eight property owners who had a total of 13 driveways, paying $1.75 per square foot for commercial property and $1 a square foot for residential property.

"We would like to do it that way all along Airport Road," Garrett said. "It worked out pretty good. This is the first time in five years since I've been working for the town that we had to acquire right of way."

The first phase of the Airport Road project is completed with just a little clean-up remaining in the area, Garrett said.

The town has no exact schedule on work it plans to do on McLane Road between Forest Drive and Airport Road, or on Airport Road to the airport.

"We're looking at an economic development grant to do Airport Road," Garrett said. "McLane would be financed with capital improvement funds, but we probably won't start any major projects until next summer."

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