Teens Are Not Rude, Just Exuberant


Let's hear it again for Will Smith (Payson Roundup editorial of Sept. 10). I live as close as anyone can get to the Payson High School parking lot. I have a roadrunner's view.

What others see as rude recklessness, some of us see as yet-to-be fettered exuberance.

Too many people have optical illusions when they see those kids heading out of that parking lot at quitting time. They don't have the space to get up the speed to go like bats-out-of-hell. It's more like they're being shot out of cannons.

They're bright, alert, have terrific reflexes, and are already good drivers. There's a few with squinted eyes, and curled lips, but that's a wholesome get-set, get-ready attitude: There's burgers to be flipped, little brothers to baby-sit, and trails to blaze.

I've always had the feeling that when it happens and I get knocked out of an intersection, it will be someone my age (70) from Pasadena driving a Lamborghini.

The kids don't scare me. I'm still waiting to see some sinning over there on that campus. In seven years I have not even heard a dirty word.

Let's don't forget: There's been many times in our history we've been very glad to give our young cannonballs the right-of-way. "History" is not over!

Alyce Hicks

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