Coordinator's $1,000-A-Week Arena Contract Up For Review


Barry Cardinael, chief fund-raiser, volunteer coordinator and project manager for the new rodeo grounds and multi-event center, will seek an extension on his 15 month contract Thursday when the council holds its regular meeting.

Cardinael first got a professional-services contract in February 1998 to represent the town in securing funds to develop the project on 36 acres on the southwest edge of town.

The council gave Cardinael the go-ahead in that summer to sell engraved bricks, blocks and plaques for the entrance way of the proposed event center. They also authorized him to offer sponsorship agreements for financial contributions.

If the council approves Cardinael's latest request, the extension of the contract for three to seven months would continue the current rate of compensation of $1,000 a week with expenditures not to exceed $500 a week.

"I would be continuing to knock on doors in an effort to raise money," Cardinael said Monday. "But until something is seen above the ground, I'm battling believability."

Cardinael said crews are installing sewer, electricity, cable and telephone lines at the site across from the Mazatzal Casino.

"I would continue to raise funds," he said, "but most of my time will be spent on actual construction issues, both on-site and off-site."

Cardinael said he recently turned in a 450-page report to the town that contains "mostly reference material and a 10-page summary."

"It's about management, funding and operational issues relating to an event center," he said. "The report looks at how other people do it. Whatever (the council) decides to do, the report will help them become familiar with issues related to any public event center."

The work of moving the rodeo grounds from Rumsey Park should be completed by May, in time for the Spring Rodeo, he said.

Volunteers and town staff will be moving four sets of aluminum bleachers and the steel hardware surrounding the present site, which includes chutes, gates and pens.

They also will have to remove 18 inches of top soil from the Rumsey Park site.

"The dirt at the new arena is nothing but clay, which turns quickly to mud," Cardinael said. "Moving the bleachers, arena and dirt will probably be among the last steps. Most of the work will be done by local volunteers working with the town."

Cardinael said that progress on the new multi-event center has been slow, "but real."

"Most of the procurement of materials has been addressed and now it's a process of patiently getting things built by qualified volunteers in their spare time."

In other business at the meeting Thursday, the Town Council will review a public presentation and consider a request to approve an update to the Rumsey Park Master Plan and schematic plans for the new library project. They also will vote to authorize Enyart Architects to proceed with the design development phase of the library.

Public hearings also will be held for:

  • An amendment to the Unified Development Code (UDC) to add procedures for zoning applications;

• An amendment to the UDC to add a section on wireless communication towers and facilities. The purpose of the proposed amendment is to minimize the overall number of towers and to assure that those that are built will be safe and blend in with neighborhoods;

The council will also hold a discussion and possibly take action on resolutions declaring a redevelopment area and approving the Green Valley Redevelopment Plan.

Council members will consider a request by Public Works Director Buzz Walker to authorize Mayor Vern Stiffler to sign the North Payson Exploration Wells Special Permit with the U.S. Forest Service to allow the town to drill for water on federal land.

The Town Council meets at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Town Hall Council Chambers at 303 N. Beeline Highway.

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