Payson Country Poems


The Rodeo Parade
by Dr.Michael Lynch

Here Comes the Horses!

And here comes The Flag.
Here comes the Band,
Loud, brazzy, booming.

The Horses are prancing,
With pretty Girls enhancing.
Cowboys are grinning,
I believe they are thinking.

Nopw they've gone by
To the rodeo Grounds
For Ridin' and Ropin' and Beer
This is The West and USA for sure.


They came west
And down over the Rim,
And down even more
Through storm, heat and woe.

The Women worked and more;
Gave Ten children
And worked and gave
some More.

Poor land mostly,
Good for Cattle
If you have a large range
But hard, hard often sad.

And she and he worked and worked
They rode the range, gardened and Birthed

Ever more
But they found Freedom Even More.

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