Fair Volunteers Are Real Heroes


Few people take the time to think about what goes into making the Northern Gila County Fair possible. Planning this huge event starts in the spring, many months prior to the fair. Not hours, not days, not weeks, but months, and yes, even years of hard work and personal sacrifices are what make our fair a reality.

Few people can boast of even a few hours of community service, yet it seems those are the first to criticize and complain. For those of you who think you could do a better job, I offer you a challenge -- give of yourself, become a volunteer and do something for your community.

Walt and Wilene Smith are heroes in my eyes. They have given years of their lives for community service when other retired couples are traveling, playing golf or just leading carefree lives. These two exceptional people work tirelessly, facing adversity when they could just as easily walk away.

Our community owes Walt and Wilene Smith a huge round of applause.

Lynn Gardner
Northern Gila County Fair Board

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