Payson Restaurants Should Ban Smoking


My husband and I moved up here to Strawberry four years ago, per my lung specialist's orders. I had part of my right lung removed several years before due to Valley Fever. I thought I'd be fine.

However (while I still lived in the Valley), numerous hospitalizations lay ahead of me. Any germ, fragrance, dust, smoke or allergen placed me in a life-threatening situation.

So, I was shut-in and only able to go outside with a special mask. After my last hospitalization in the Valley, my lung specialist sat my husband and daughters down and told them I had a chronic lung disease. This would require more hospitalizations, and my prognosis was dismal unless we moved up to the Payson area where the air quality and ozone were so much better.

I came from the Gilbert and Mesa area, where all restaurants were smoke free. I was amazed to see so many restaurants up here allow smoking.

I've noticed many elderly people on oxygen, others like myself cannot tolerate smoke, and many others are just plain health conscious. It's a well-known fact that second-hand smoke is hazardous to anyone's health.

Why should we non-smokers be subjected to it? I feel smokers should have respect for us and be able to wait until they leave the restaurant to light up.

The air is beautiful up here. We should keep it this way. Many of us moved here because of health reasons. I'd like to see our area go all non-smoking in restaurants, as so many other areas are.

I'd like to hear your feedback regarding this.

Jeanne Bench

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