Tragedies Bring Value Of Life In Focus


Tragedy struck close to home this week for those of us at the Roundup. Tom Barkley, the husband of our friend and co-worker Sherrie "Cricket" Barkley, accidentally shot himself in the leg with a hunting rifle and died. Words cannot convey the depth of our sympathy for Cricket, their two children and the rest of Tommy's family. They are all in our thoughts and in our prayers.

Time may not be able to heal all wounds.

The loss of a loved one can happen in the blink of an eye, but be felt for a lifetime.

We hope that time, along with the love of her family, friends and community, will comfort Cricket and, bring hope for the future back into her life.

Our community has seen its share of heartbreak and tragedy in recent weeks. A four-year-old girl , who was the sole survivor of a highway accident, lost her mother, brother and aunt. A Payson High School graduate, who served the Rim country as a DPS officer for years before he moved to Phoenix a year ago, was hurt in a freeway accident last night (Thursday).

And now, a mother and her two young sons are without a husband and father.

In the midst of such loss and pain, we cannot help but turn off the auto-pilot switch of our lives and look around us.

Many of us, after learning of such events, are compelled to hold our children a little tighter, hug our spouses a little longer, or stop and tell a friend how much their friendship means to us.

These events can be a frightening reminder that we must show our love for others today, for there may not be a chance tomorrow.

Richard Haddad, publisher

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