Cause Of Accident Shouldn't Have Been Reported


We have to respond to your paper concerning the article written about the Barkley accident in the Sept. 22 issue.

In our opinion, common decency should have prevented the reporter who wrote the article, and whomever is supposed to proof these pieces prior to publication, from printing the alleged cause of the accident.

Do you think his wife doesn't have enough to bear at this horrible time without having to see the works you have printed, and having to respond to others who also have seen them?

The damage is done. You cannot take them away.

May we suggest that everyone responsible for this article take introductory courses in the following: journalistic responsibility, compassion and integrity, because we feel none of the above was displayed in the printing of this article.

Junior and Debbie Morris
Tonto Basin
Editor's note: Helping our readers understand how things happen, even when those events are tragic and heartbreaking to all of us in the community, is the foundation of responsible journalism.

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