Time To Pry Tax Dollars Away From Government


The Akron Beacon Journal reported the first good news that I have heard from Washington in a long time. This was that (Rep. Dick Armey) said "that if President Clinton vetoes the GOP tax bill, the Republicans will not pursue a compromise with him."

I hope this is true and that the rest of the wishy-washy Republican leadership (can be kept) in line to follow this strategy.

It was obvious from the rest of the Beacon Journal column that they don't understand the issues involved. This is where the Republicans, in general, have failed.

(It must be made) loud and clear to everyone that the issue is: Can the American people spend their money better than the federal government can spend their money for them?

President Clinton, and many Democrats, think the government possesses the ultimate wisdom in spending the money earned by the U.S. population.

I firmly believe that after years of watching the government spend more and more of our money, most people now realize that we can spend it more effectively than the government.

If the issue (is) focused in this way, the Republicans will win the day. All other issues are secondary at the moment, so don't let the dialogue shift to them.

Dan Adams

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