Performing Arts Shouldn't Play Second Fiddle To Sports


I just read the Tuesday March 28 paper. Its front page article about tax money puts Payson on better track made me furious that all this town can think of is sports. If it isn't something for the athletic department, it isn't important. What about the arts, music, drama and art classes? All have to take what is left over.

The music program in the grade schools, middle school and high school all are under-funded. The grade schools (had) a part-time teacher who was expected to teach beginning band, intermediate band, beginning string, intermediate string, at all three grade schools, and do a full day's work for part-time pay. That is ridiculous. It borders on slave labor.

I ask all parents of children in band to rise up and protest. Let's get the district on the ball and fund all departments alike. The football field and track are a lot better than a lot of schools I have been acquainted with.

I pay taxes too, and I want some say in where it goes.

Joey Ann Durand


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