Proposed Pay Raises For County Judges Out Of Line


I was shocked when I learned that there is a bill that is apparently going to pass through the Arizona State Legislature that will give our judges a 17.5-percent pay increase.

Under the bill, the pay for a county judge will increase from $113,000 to $136,597. Have our legislators lost their minds?

It seems like every week there is a story in news about how low wages are in Arizona, or how huge the gap is between the rich and poor in Arizona, or how one-forth of the people in Arizona don't even have health insurance.

The working and retired people of our state are losing ground against inflation. Who do these judges think they are? As I recall, they just got a fat increase two years ago.

Everyone should call their legislator and demand that this unbelievable increase be stopped before it's too late. The legislative session is expected to end very soon.

Harriet Surinak


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