Adot Suggests $3.5 Million In Airport Improvements


The state has tentatively earmarked $3.5 million to improve Payson Municipal Airport during a five-year period from 2001 to 2005.

The Arizona Department of Transportation's tentative five-year airport development program has tentatively set aside $293.6 million for 606 airport projects including nine improvement projects in Payson, ADOT public information officer Walt Gray said.

However, Gray added, "There are no guarantees with these federal, state, local projects, because they have to be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, and they don't necessarily follow our plans. They have their own planning process."

The $3.5 million earmarked for Payson Municipal Airport -- which includes $3.2 in federal funds, and $156,522 each from ADOT and the Town of Payson -- will, if approved, fund the following projects.

For fiscal year 2001, the projects and their estimated costs are:

• Construction of a T-hangar extension -- $850,120.

• Widening of a ramp connector -- $18,462.

Fiscal year 2002:

  • Realignment of the airport access road -- $1.2 million.

Fiscal year 2003:

  • Construction of a runway "waiting apron" for aircraft preparing to taxi -- $257,028.

• Parallel taxiway lights --$350,000.

Fiscal year 2004:

  • A thin resurfacing of the runway 6/24 -- $100,000.

Fiscal year 2005:

  • These final three items are land requisition projects in different locations for the protection of runway 6/24, at projected costs of $608,000, $93,000 and $25,000.

If any or all of these proposals are given the go-ahead by the FAA, Gray said, neither local ground traffic nor air traffic will be interrupted.

Of the state's $258.6 million, the Federal Aviation Administration would provide $182.1 million matched by $9 million in ADOT funds and $9 million in local revenues.

The State Transportation Board will hold public hearings to review the tentative five-year airport program, Gray said. The hearing scheduled to be held closest to Payson will be at 9 a.m. April 14 in the Flagstaff City Council Chambers, 211 W. Aspen.

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