Frontier Volunteers Dig 'Field Of Dreams'


A three-year project at Frontier Elementary School -- a "Field of Dreams" is nearing completion.

Nearly 50 volunteers, parents, grandparents and students turned out Saturday to bring that dream to reality.

"With all the help we had Saturday, we are very near to grass," said FES Principal Sue Myers.

In addition to installing the irrigation system for the one-acre field, the group installed electricity to the pump house and put a roof on it. All the work that was done Saturday was approved Monday by Arizona Public Service and town officials.

"The next step is to hook up the pumps," Myers said, "and test the well and then lay the sod.

"Through cookie sales and donations, the children raised $20,000 and we got $10,000 from the district," she said.

Myers said a number of organizations and individuals have contributed to the project, among them the Kiwanis Club, which donated $3,000 and Wal-Mart, which donated $1,700.

Myers said when the site committee decided three years ago to plant grass on the land north of the school building, she didn't believe it could be done.

"I thought it would certainly be a challenge," she said.

Myers said the field will soon provide FES students with a place to play soccer, football and T-ball, as well as a place to run and play.

"Our goal is to have a picnic for all our families on the completed grass before school's out," she said.

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