Pahh Builds Upon Divine Inspiration


Not long ago, the question "What would Jesus do?" became what may be the unlikeliest best-selling bumper-sticker catch phrase the world has known.

Unlikely, because it too often seems as if "What would Jesus do?" is the last question human beings ask themselves in any situation requiring human compassion.

For example. What would Jesus do for a family in genuine need of shelter?

Unfortunately, the families living in the streets, storefront doorways and freeway underpasses of every major city in the U.S. demonstrate how we modern folks, Christian and otherwise, answer that question: We ignore it and hope it will go away, far from our neighborhoods, on its own power.

But what would Jesus do?

Hmm. Perhaps one thing he'd do would be to somehow configure fate so that the volunteer saints behind Payson Area Habitat for Humanity could, on April 8, break ground for a sixth home that will be turned over to a family in genuine need.

For the uninitiated, PAHH is a nonprofit housing ministry that was formed locally in the summer of 1994 and became an accredited affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International in July of 1995.

As we suspect Jesus would do, PAHH does not give free rides to anyone. To date, the organization has provided permanent shelter for 20 individuals who contribute 300 to 500 hours of "sweat equity" to the construction of their homes, pay closing costs and demonstrate their ability to repay interest-free mortgages.

A severely asthmatic 4-year-old child is a member of the family that will own PAHH's sixth house. His new home will offer a clean environment with no rugs, a doctor-recommended air conditioner, and electrostatic filters on the furnace -- all in the hopes the child will have fewer attacks.

What would Jesus do? He'd bless PAHH.

And then he'd call 474-0330 to volunteer or donate building materials, land, appliances or money to help the next family.

-- Mike Burkett

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