Tax Money Funds School Athletics And Fine Arts


I feel outraged and that it is very necessary to respond to Joey Ann Durand's letter to the editor published April 4. You really must get all of your facts straight before you voice such opinions.

First of all, monies are distributed accordingly to the fine arts and the athletic departments respectively. I have attended drama plays, choir concerts, musical instrument concerts, etc. in our auditorium that was built for these purposes.

Secondly, regarding those other football fields and tracks that you state are comparable to ours, you must have not traveled far in our 3A district.My daughter must travel twice a week in the track and field program to perform. In the last two years that I have been honored to have a daughter in the track and field program with Chuck Hardt. I have been able to only attend a few home track meets due to lack of participation from other schools not wanting to run on a gravel track.

Therefore, if I want to see my daughter participate, I must travel out of town. I have also experienced, firsthand, athletes with shin splints because they must run on this track. Thirdly, the new track will benefit not only athletes but students in P.E., weights, etc. I commend all of the volunteers and administrators for making this dream come true and for all of their hard work and dedication to this project.

And I thank Chuck Hardt for continuing to be involved in this program, working under these conditions and circumstances and having to always be on the road rather thanat home to allow his athletes to perform. It not only takes a special coach but a special family to put up with these grueling circumstances.

Also, if you were educated in the Credit for Kids program, you would see that when you donate to this program, you have a choice where your monies are distributed.

Last, but not least, asking children and parents to rise up and protest to the district is appalling.

Michelle Haynes

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