Pokey Drivers Misusing Pull-Outs A Danger To Other Motorists


I am 14 years old and I have a concern about the slow traffic pull-outs on Highway 87 between Payson and Strawberry.

When I am with my parents, I have seen slower cars or trucks pull out on these pull-out areas and speed up so no one will pass them. They then pull back out onto the highway without looking or slowing down.

One day, my mom was behind a lady that was going 45 mph and she pulled out. The lady then sped up and as my mom was side to side with her, she pulled back into traffic, forcing my mom into oncoming traffic. We almost had a head-on collision.

My mom ended up on the side of the road in a cloud of dust, and that lady just kept on driving.

I see this problem at least once a week. According to (the Arizona Department of Transportation) and (the Department of Public Safety) if you are going slower than the speed limit and have cars behind you, you are to use the pull-outs.

It isn't the same as a passing lane; you don't yield into traffic. You must come to a complete stop, allowing all the cars to pass by you. I very seldom see this happen.

Also, I think it is really rude when a slower vehicle won't pull out and makes everyone else go slow like them.

(I hope) others will be more careful about how they obey the traffic laws.

Chad McRae


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