Random Team Selection Deserves Player Support


Skylar DeWeese
Recently, there have been a lot of complaints among town Parks and Recreation league soccer players and their parents about the methods used to determine how the teams were assembled.

I encourage players of all town sports to accept the new, random system of placement. In life, and in sports, you do not get to choose your teammates or your competitors.

Even at the high school level, you do not choose your teammates. Yes, some of them remain the same from year to year, but many don't, and the players don't say, "I won't play unless Susie or Joey is on the team."

People should only sign up if they like a certain sport and not base (their decisions) on who else is playing. That's how to get good -- playing with different people.

Everyone knows that when it comes to choosing teams it's hard to create "even" ones so ... there's not any one team with all of the talent.

Now, imagine being in charge of an indefinite number of players and teams -- you don't know how many until sign up is over -- with coaches who move up to a different age group every other year.

Also, new coaches and kids are moving into town, and other coaches need a break. To make things worse, some parents request teammates, sometimes for good reasons, but most everyone wants to be on a winning team.

Some request coaches, who may or may not coach at that age level, and who may or may not want that child back on his or her team.

Some request that a child be placed on a particular team or with a particular child. I think people should be able to adapt to certain circumstances and learn how to cope with new people.

This is a recreational league. If your child wants to play soccer, he or she should sign up to play soccer. If your child wants to just hang with friends, he or she should invite them over for the afternoon and skip sports seasons.

If your child had a great coach last year, he or she may have an even better coach this year. Let's stand behind the decisions made in the best interest of all children.

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