Residents Missed By Census Still Want To Be Counted


Channel 12 news reported on April 4 that people are not sending in their census forms. It sounded like people are not responding when the real story is ...

Betsy Bayless, Arizona secretary of state visited Payson April 4 and said she was surprised the census had missed some Payson residents.

Well go north to Pine and Strawberry and you have the same problem. Many residents did not get census forms.

If this is true in Payson, Pine and Strawberry, what about the rest of the state? How hard it is to deliver a census form to each house?

When in reality what really happened was that a house under construction was given a form while the house next to it with permanent residents did not receive a form. Not only did this happen, but also many streets were missed, it seemed that every other street did not get forms.

The Arizona Republic had an (April 8) article on people not sending in census forms and what it means in funding and seats in Congress. I believe that if people got the forms they would fill them out and send them in with no problem. I am proud to be counted as a citizen of my country, and I am sure everyone else is, too.

Arthur Knapheide


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